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Work from home with NO restrictions

Traditionally, the legal profession has not been one to champion flexible working arrangements.  

During the pandemic, City law firms were forced to introduce policies that allowed lawyers to work fully flexibly. 

Since the return to normality, some of the largest City firms introduced a 50/50 split between home and office working whilst others have strongly encouraged lawyers to return to the office full time.  

Premium commercial legal services are well suited to WFH and many lawyers now rightly expect more flexibility in their working arrangements than their firms allow.

At Clearlake, we believe the right balance is different for everybody.

A truly flexible WFH policy allows excellent lawyers to live and work in a way that suits their personal lives and their practice.

Since many clients are now comfortable or even actively encourage meetings by video conference, and given we are all now used to speaking to our professional advisors from their home offices, it is increasingly plausible to build and maintain a practice with high-quality work and big-ticket clients whilst working entirely flexibly.

Many studies have tried to quantify the difference in productivity between office working and WFH, but we think these surveys are asking the wrong questions. For most of us, the truth is clear, we are enormously happier having control over where we work on any given day. And study after study shows that happier workers are more productive.

Partners at Clearlake Law are free to work from wherever they like, either remotely, on-site with their clients or from our headquarters in the City of London 

Our lawyers are in complete control of their daily commute, they are free to spend more time with family and friends and enjoy living anywhere in the UK, all whilst being part of a thriving City practice. 

We actively support our partners to build their careers and their practice in the shape that suits them. 

To learn more about how we are supporting lawyers to build a career they truly value, take a quick look around our careers website.

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Partnership Core Features

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