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Collaboration & Referrals

Our firm is deliberately designed to encourage collaboration.

We are a partnership, first and foremost, and we firmly believe that we are stronger and more prosperous together.

For any work referred by one partner or team to another, the originating partner (or team) retains a 15% referral commission.

We also meet regularly, as a partnership, to collaborate on marketing activities, new business development and opportunities for cross-selling to new and existing clients of the firm.

We host a virtual partners’ meeting every quarter, focused on constant improvements to our operations and infrastructure and often including a carefully chosen speaker.

These meetings are a great opportunity for our managing partner to report on progress and plans and for our partners to collaborate on strategy and to discuss the firm’s progress constructively.

Once a year we host a fantastic, in-person get together for internal networking, training and discussions.

Zahra Clements Recruitment Director

Zahra Clements
Lawyer Relations Manager

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