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Legal Technologies

We invest in developing advanced legal technologies and related products and support services, for the benefit of our partners and their teams, but also with the intention of providing those solutions to our clients.

We work hand-in-glove with our partners to develop and apply our legal technologies to the specific challenges and problems faced by their clients.

Our approach to developing and deploying legal technologies is carefully designed to:

  • incentivise investment in technologies by the firm (meaning our lawyers don’t have to make these big investments out of their own pockets);
  • allow a combination of technologists and lawyers to work together to develop specific solutions targeting clients’ real-life challenges;
  • provide the optimal route to market for deploying technologies, which we believe is via a client’s trusted legal advisor who understands that client’s challenges and whom that client trusts to deliver the right solutions;
  • provide clients with an affordable, justifiable monthly subscription with a law firm standing behind that technology’s output; and
  • give our partners the opportunity to provide negotiation, counsel, strategic advice or advanced legal advice to support our technology’s output.

Above all, our approach to legal technologies is about providing modern, scalable, efficient legal services to our clients, balancing legal technologies and human lawyers, which of course will be the model of the legal industry in the coming decades.

Zahra Clements Recruitment Director

Zahra Clements
Lawyer Relations Manager

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