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Legal Consultants

If you are already practising as a legal consultant with one of the consultancy platforms you can continue with your practice on that platform whilst also joining Clearlake; our consultancy path is deliberately non-exclusive.

One benefit of joining another organisation is that you are exposed to more opportunities for work. With Clearlake, in particular, you will also have the opportunity to supply our legal technologies to your clients on a commission basis.

We understand there have been concerns of late on the larger consultancy platforms about the quality of lawyers joining those organisations and the speed of their growth, leading to ever larger rosters of lawyers, with less and less focus in terms of their brand and practice.

Clearlake is a premium, tech-focused organisation and we will not water that reputation down at any cost.

We also have a different structure to our consultancy path than the other platforms, which does away with any IR35 risks and puts our lawyers firmly in the driving seat.

To find out more, contact us today.

Partnership Core Features
Partnership Core Features

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Zahra Clements
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