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Unique Partnership of Tech Lawyers

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Partnership Core Features
Partnership Core Features

A quick two-page summary of life as a partner at Clearlake Law

Welcome to Clearlake Law, the trailblazing destination for technology lawyers.

At Clearlake Law, we are redefining the legal landscape by fostering a vibrant community of exceptional tech lawyers.

Our unique partnership model affords our lawyers total freedom and control over their working lives whilst being part of our community of like-minded colleagues.

At its simplest, our partners share the firm’s central costs but keep their own profits. They are fully supported to build and grow their own practice with their own clients but will be able to fall back on a community of experts.

Clearlake is a place where innovation and entrepreneurship thrive and we intend to make a profound impact on the UK’s technology community.

At Clearlake, you will find an environment that nurtures your passion for technology law. We embrace the ever-evolving technological landscape and we are dedicated to staying ahead of the curve.

Help us build a visionary community of technology lawyers. Together, we will shape the future of legal practice and make an indelible mark on the UK’s technology industry.

Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary career journey with us? Contact Clearlake Law today.

How does it work?

Clearlake’s innovative model is designed to deliver a new and more fulfilling way for tech lawyers to live and work.

Unique Partnership

Unique Partnership

Fee Retention

Keep What You Earn

Culture of Excellence

Culture of Excellence

Business Development

Business Development

Who can join?

Clearlake is a partnership of top-tier tech lawyers from premium backgrounds building a unique collaborative partnership and a creative community.

Legal Consultant

Legal Consultants

The legal consultancy model is creaking. Fee retention is too low, the double tax hit is too high and vast numbers have led to a dilution in culture and quality.

Senior Partners and Executives

Law Firm Partners

The traditional law firm model is broken. Client fee expectations threaten growth, equity circles remain close-knit and performance rarely matches rewards.

Sole Practitioners

Sole Practitioners

Fewer and fewer sole practitioners remain. Administrative burdens have grown exponentially leaving precious little time for client work and business development.

Zahra Clements Recruitment Director

Zahra Clements
Lawyer Relations Manager

One small step turns into one big leap…