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It’s time to gain complete control within a supported environment

Lawyers operating in the legal consultancy model enjoy the autonomy that comes with working as a consultant but can find that they lack the support and sense of partnership that comes with being a lawyer in private practice.

Similarly, sole practitioners, enjoy the freedom they have to work when and for whom they want but can find practising in this way quite isolating.

At Clearlake, we intimately understand the importance of our senior lawyers having full independence and complete control over their working lives but we also place great emphasis on developing an environment that maximises opportunities for collaboration and a sense of community and that takes as much of the risk and uncertainty as possible out of independent practice.

With those specific goals in mind, we created a unique and collaborative law firm to empower and support independent lawyers to grow their own scalable and profitable businesses.

By joining Clearlake, our lawyers become part of our collaborative partnership, sharing ideas, referring work to one another and pulling together to build the next generation of law firm.

Our law firm partners maintain full control over their practice, whilst being an integral part of our firm, and we provide world-class infrastructure and handle their entire back office behind the scenes.

In our experience, lawyers want to focus their time on advising their clients and growing their business, without the administrative and infrastructure burden dominating their productive time.

One of the core themes at Clearlake is to relieve our partners of as much of the administrative burden as possible so they can focus on their clients and growing their practice.

We offer the same structured support as you would expect to find in traditional law firms and the larger consultancy platforms, but within a genuinely collaborative environment.

We provide professional, outsourced support for document production, call answering, IT and cyber security. Most of our support providers also actively support the Magic Circle firms.  Find out more about what we offer and how we work.

We have developed our own customised, enterprise-grade IT ecosystem, combining industry-leading software and services, fully supported and cybersecurity accredited.

There are so many other benefits to joining Clearlake, including:

If you are a lawyer looking for a new challenge within a collaborative and forward-looking environment then we encourage you to find out more about us or join us.

Partnership Core Features
Partnership Core Features

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