We work from a leading cloud-based practice management system (PMS) with open APIs allowing us to build a scalable and integrated “tech stack” over time.

We also use a leading cloud-based document management system (DMS), also with open APIs, allowing us to continue to develop and build out our technology offering.

Our PMS and DMS are integrated with a custom-built integration mirroring the unique requirements of our firm.

We are of course tied into the Microsoft Office suite as are most leading law firms and increasingly MS Word allows us to plug in all manner of emerging legal technologies to assist and automate document drafting, document review and many other activities.

We offer a premium subscription to the market-leading legal know how resource in the UK, which is standard for all fee earners. All partners can then subscribe to any resources they like, which can be expensed as additional personal costs.

We provide guided web flows for all internal administrative processes and we run a comprehensive intranet portal that gives access to all the information, content and training our lawyers need from day to day.

Finally, we offer advanced legal technologies, which are designed to enable our lawyers to provide legal tech solutions to their clients, effectively empowering them to build their own scalable technology businesses, if they choose to.